• All aspects of Marine, Engine and Generator repairs

High Voltage Electrical Services and Isolations

High Voltage Servicing

We deliver specialist High Voltage Electrical Services to a diverse range of customers in the oil, gas, chemical, petrochemical, heavy engineering, industrial, commercial, renewable energy. Our services cover testing and commissioning and operating for both new HV electrical installation and refurbishment up to and including 33kV.

High Voltage Inspection Testing

High Voltage Inspection Testing for clients’ high voltage substations across the UK. The scope of work includes inspecting the tripping batteries and charger, visual inspection of all substation equipment, checking of the building security and testing the transformer insulating oil samples.
We are able to develop and implement comprehensive high voltage inspection, testing and maintenance strategies in order to mitigate the risk of an unforeseen breakdown or safety related issue.

Inspection Testing Services

• Oil Sample and Testing
• Switchgear Testing, AC Pressure Testing
• Ductor Testing, CT’s – Ratio & flick tests
• Mag curve
• VT’s –Ratio & polarity checks
• Neutral Voltage Displacement
• Transformer Auto Tapping Relays
• Intertripping Schemes
• Generator Loss of Mains and G59 Protection
• HV and LV cable fault finding and repair services
• HV pressure testing up to 33kV and sheath and cable fault

High Voltage Maintenance

Maintaining the performance and reliability of your electrical supplies are critical to your operations. We specialise in maintaining transformers, switchgear, breakers, protective relays, switches and other critical components.
MPE manage many operational and maintenance contracts that have unique requirements which can be due to factors such as operational constraints and security of supply. From substation supply and installation, through to managing the integrity of the high voltage system and life cycle, MPE have extensive experience in providing cost effective solutions that ensure greater reliability of the electrical supply, whilst delivering economies to site.
Through developing robust maintenance strategies we are able to assist your organisation in planning against any unplanned power supply interruptions that may result in downtime and production loss.

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